Bulletproof World is an inspirational clothing and accessories brand focusing on self-empowerment and body positivity.

We welcome you to a guilt-free, retail therapy experience… not only will you look great in comfortable, quality clothing that encourages body positivity, but you will also feel great about your purchase as partial proceeds from each sale is donated to a Bulletproof World partner Charity. Check out our Charities Page.

Being Bulletproof is about constantly striving to be the best version of ourselves, and by sharing our journeys, we inspire others to also achieve greatness within themselves. It is having the COURAGE to put others before ourselves, the STRENGTH to share our stories and the PERSEVERANCE to surpass life’s hurdles.

No individual has avoided physical or emotional hardships in their lifetime. We all have an opportunity to inspire hope in others by sharing our personal road maps that brought us to where we are today. While hurdles appear to be negative, they are also necessary. By overcoming these challenges, we are building strength of character and empathy for others who have faced similar hardships to our own, allowing us the tools to pay it forward. A mountain may seem impossible to climb on our own, but there is strength in numbers and unlimited potential when we all work together.

Our goal is to raise funds for various charities and causes, and we aim to recognize all the unsung heroes who put their lives at risk to save others, extraordinary individuals such as accident, sexual abuse, cancer, and every other kind of survivor, anti-bullying and body positivity champions, Special Olympic athletes, and even the dreamers who have dared to ignore all the doubters to pursue their goals.

We would like to extend a big thank you to all of our supporters which include numerous Celebrities and professional athletes. Check out our Celebrities Page.

The Designer’s Journey

I have always known since I was a young girl growing up in Sudbury Ontario that I wanted to design cool clothes that made people feel good. By the age of 12, I was already creating my own styles and upon graduating high school, I moved to Toronto to pursue my dream and eventually completed my Fashion Design Degree. Through very hard work and dedication to my craft, I was proud of the portfolio that I had built having participated in numerous fashion shows internationally, and even dressing celebrities for red carpet events. All my dreams had finally come true!

Just at the peak of my career however, as a pedestrian I was struck by a car that ran a red light. What followed was years of physical therapy, panic attacks, dependency on pain medication just to get through the day, financial issues from not being able to work, ongoing chronic pain, and hopelessness that my situation would never improve. The worst feeling however, was fearing that I may never be able to design again due to my injuries and the loss of confidence in my abilities as a result. One of the hardest realizations was that I could never be the same person that I was before my accident and being able to accept this.

Thanks to an amazing support team of family and friends, I pushed through the hardships. I promised myself that if I could fight through the pain, continue to rehabilitate myself and rebuild my confidence in my skills, that I would use my talents to do whatever I could to give back to others and encourage them to share their journeys so we can all appreciate what we have all survived. This is how the concept of Bulletproof World was born.

I’m still not and will never be perfect, but with every step I take, I am a better version of myself today than I was yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow, I will be a better version of myself than I am today, and I’m excited for where the next stage of my life will lead. I’m just grateful that I can design cool clothes again that make people feel good!

Keep striving and surviving, together we are Bulletproof!

Cindy Renee Mathieu

For more information about award winning celebrity designer Cindy Renee Mathieu’s couture and custom label, please visit www.cindyreneemathieu.com.