Ori Dragon

Jazz Singer


I am Bulletproof because: I dream big, and won't ever give up on my dreams!

Ori Dragon

Personal Trainer Extraordinaire, Former CFL Grey Cup Winner


I am Bulletproof because: When some doors and opportunities were shut in my face, I forced open other ones. Because of the people in my life, my parents, my 3 sisters, my son and his older brother, and my small close group of friends have all shown me how to keep walking forward in a straight line, even uphill into the wind. Because I took a football career and transformed it into a health and fitness career, now I help others PUSH past their own fears and limits to become stronger, healthier and more confident leaders. I am PUSH PERFORMANCE. And I AM BULLETPROOF.

Daniel Anaka

Refined Artist - portraits, figurative, specializing in oil and acrylic paintings & fine art instruction. Photographer specializing in capturing sensual, emotional beauty in his female subjects.


I am Bulletproof because: I overcome a work-related back injury that led to drug addiction and alcoholism. Going through this helped me see life in relaxed and ligher way, launcing my career as an artist. I now overcome all obstacles wiht a brilliant smile and a passionate heart.

Larisa Storisteanu

Sexual Assault Survivor


I am Bulletproof because: I am growing and healing after surviving an act of violence. I am sharing my stories with others to help them on their journey.

Daniel Di Santo



I am Bulletproof because: I started acting at the age of 8 and the industry hasn't kicked me out...yet!

Aron Breier

Firefighter, Big Brother & Professional Gentleman


I am Bulletproof because: I continually "Try" to make positive change. I've been a big brother to the same amazing guy for over 12 years, so hopefully helped a little with him. Even if just a bit.

Dwayne Morgan

Poet/Speaker/Social Entrepreneur


I am Bulletproof because: I choose to speak in a world where it's much easier to remail silent.

Michael C. Foucault



I am Bulletproof because: I followed my dream of being an actor while ignoring the naysayers who would tell me that I don't fit the mould of a typical actor. Looking inside yourself and believing in your vision will take you to places that you only dreamed of... and what a ride it is.

Devika J. Singh



I am Bulletproof because: I am still modeling after so many years people telling me I am too short, and I still explore all the performing arts that I have loved since I was a child.

Layah Jane

Award-winning Folk/Soul Songstress


I am Bulletproof because: I live, create and love with all my heart. Because I turn an obstacle into Opportunites to grow and struggle into a song I am Bulletproof because I make music in a world hungry for meaningful connections and joyful engagement.

Devo Brown

Personality/Host/All-Around Good Dude!


I am Bulletproof because: I don't stop reaching past the stars and encourage others to do the same. Plus I make people smile.

Kareem Ajani

Accomplished Photographer


I am Bulletproof because: Regardless of the challenges which I faced. I have been able to persevere and turn my talent into a lifestyle.

Haze (Grammy Nominated)



I am Bulletproof because: I made it through the obstacles in life and came out a better person.

Shawn Farewell, Jaime, and Ryan

Motivational Speaker/Spiritual Motivator


I am Bulletproof because: In 1993, I was diagnosed with cancer and after eight months of treatment and exhausting efforts from the hospital, the doctors stopped the treatment due to the fact they weren't getting the results they were looking for. But a true miracle happened, and 17 years later I'm still motivating people with my story and giving them hope of recovery.

Jennifer Abbey

Choreographer/Singer/Director/Actor. Have had the pleasure of working with Black Eyed Peas, Rihana, Flo Rida, Keisha Chante, Massari, Jacksoul, and was a principal dancer in the movie "Hairspray".


I am Bulletproof because: I see challenges as opportunities, whereas others may see them as setbacks. I never stopped chasing my dream even when others told me to give up.

Drew Tyler

Pitcher - Toronto Maple leafs Baseball


I am Bulletproof because: Of my believe that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. It has allowed me to pursue a career in both medicine and baseball.