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Norman Evans

Creative Director/New Media Producer - Deskercise (sitting at your desk doesn't have to be in pain)


I am Bulletproof because: I'm a 1947 model who in 1957 when I was 40, I was told that I had a 100% blocked a coronary artery, I asked the magic question "What is my alternative to heart surgery?" and went on a path attitude adjustment, lifestyle changes, homeopathy diet and the power of walking meeting, and by doing so reversed the heart disease without surgery or medication.

Kid Kut - The Voice Of The Vibe

3 Time Award Winning MC/Producer


I am Bulletproof because: I never gave up on my dream, even when I was told that I would never make in this industry.

Lynn Patrice Ward

Arts Educator of the Year - Brampton, Principal - Peel District School Board, Writer, Composer, Storyteller.


I am Bulletproof because: I know firsthand the healing power of the word and of music -- The language of the spirit -- and am dedicated to the sharing of the stories that shape a better future for all who listen.

Natasha B

Co-founder of the Michael "Pinball" Clemens Foundation, President - The It Factor Ltd.


I am Bulletproof because: No weapon forced against me shall prosper I am a conqueror.

Kevin Timberlake, Troy Ford-King and Arthur Rea

Proud Special Olympic Athlete

Kevin Timberlake


I am Bulletproof because: I was picked on as a kid because of my disability. But I have risen above and motivate people with my special Olympic Story.


Arthur Rea


I am Bulletproof because: I have overcome personal obstacles.


Troy Ford-King


I am Bulletproof because: I give my 100 percent in everything I do and I try my very best in whatever I do.




I am bulletproof because: I live without fear... Bravery to keep fighting.

Glen Peloso

Designer, Principal - Glen Peloso Interiors, Host/Designer - Resturant Makeover/Take This House & Sell It, Columnist - Toronto Star - Design Editor - Home Decor & Renovation


I am Bulletproof because: As people don't agree with your vision or don't want to follow where you lead, you must believe in yourself, be grateful for blessings, acquiesce when you must, and fight hard when you must.

Chris Howson

Morning Show Host & Producer at the world's first commercially owned LGBT Radio Station Proud FM.


I am Bulletproof becuase: Despite all of the ridicule growing up as an openly gay man in rural Ontario, I have grown into a well-rounded adult as prrof to all members of the LGBT community that it gets better.

Juli Daniluk (

Nutritionist & TV Host of The Healthy Gourmet on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), Created a 300-foot salad for 3000 people to promote healthy eating in public schools.


I am Bulletproof because: I use the power of superfoods to create energy, vitality, enjoy better.

Cory Lee



I am Bulletproof because: I will never give up on my dreams and success will be my revenge to all my haters. Hard Word pays off!! Always remember that!!

Emmanuel Belliveau

TV Personality


I am Bulletproof because: There are no blocks in the road just stepping stones.

Jorie Brown

Head Coach, Argos Cheerleaders


I am Bulletproof because: Bullying happens everywhere so I work to empower victims and bystanders to stand-up and take action through prevention. We all deserve to feel safe in our communities.

Cle Bennett

Two-Time Gemini Award Winning Actor


I am bulletproof because: I have the courage to create my own destiny.

Jon Berrie

Personal Trainer


I am Bulletproof because: I help people achieve their goals in fitness and overall well-being.

Georgina Reilly



I am Bulletproof because: I continue to work hard at being the best actor I can be and now I can help others do the same.

Tazito Garcia

Martial Arts Teacher, Toronto based Model, Actor, Stuntman, Director & Writer


I am bulletproof because: Through Martial Arts training I have gained confidence, respect, honor, and a different lens to view the world. I have also had the chance to perform at places like PMH, Sick Kids Hospital and many more. Also helped many gangsters and lost youth get off the street, away from gang activities and given them a new perspective on family, and how earning respect docent have to be through stabbing someone. Mixed with my parallel world of acting and modeling, I want to use the media's power to show everyone dreams are possible if you pursue them, don't just hope or wish. Work to make it happen and to void the manipulation power the media's got.